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Job Description



Serves as the chief executive officer, responsible to the Board of Directors for the effective management of the affairs of the Association. Recommends and participates in the formulation of Association mission, goals, and objectives and related policies.



Within the limits of the by-laws of the association and policies established by the Board of Directors, the Association Executive is responsible for the following:


Governance and Strategic Business Management

  • Assist the board with their duties as needed
  • Assist the President in developing Board meeting agendas
  • Attend board meetings.
  • Facilitate board communications
  • Help to set and manage expectations for committees, members and volunteers
  • Responsible for the implementation of the Association's Strategic
  • Prepare and distribute Board meeting materials including financial reports, board and committee minutes for Board review prior to Board meetings
  • Responsible for developing and implementing board recruitment, orientation and professional development with support of the Board.

Accounting and Financial Management

  • Receive, deposit, and record association’s funds
  • Work with 3rd party accountant to prepare and update budget and financial reports
  • Assist volunteers with budgets
  • Prepare, produce and distribute invoices
  • Work with 3rd party accountant and CPA firm to file association’s annual tax returns
  • Work with 3rd party accountant with reconciling bank accounts

Membership Services

  • Maintain membership records, including the receipt and processing of membership applications and renewals.
  • Handle telephone and email requests and correspondence from current and prospective members
  • Assist in the production and distribution meeting and event notifications to members
  • Manage Novi database
  • Serve as the communications center for the association’s programs, membership, education and networking events.
  • Implement and support the Board in member recruitment.



  • Participate in state legislative meetings
  • Assist volunteer legislative chair in monitoring local issues
  • Oversee fundraising for state and national PAC’s.

Meeting and Event Management

  • Assist with program development and marketing
  • Oversee and manage event registration and produce all registration items
  • Provide appropriate communications to promote events

Education and Programs

  • Determine opportunities to utilize NAAEI education programs via online or in person.
  • Manage training sessions for members and volunteers

Information Technology

  • Operate and update the existing website
  • Manage and oversee the Association Management System

Marketing and Communications

  • Manage social media initiatives
  • Oversee public relations and media management

Reports to:

The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the Association.


External Relationships:

Maintains personal contact with the general membership. Maintains appropriate relationships with other associations, industry, government, academic institutions and vendors to enhance the image of the Association and the attainment of its objectives. Agrees to keep association business confidential.


Required Travel – If Budget Allows

  • NAA AE Meetings (AE Brainstorming, AE Orientation)
  • AANC Education and Legislative Conference

If you are interested in this position. Please email all resumes to WAA3413@gmail.com