Maintenance Technician - The Reserve at Forest Hills

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Job Description


Are you determined to do-it-yourself? Can you play nice with both humans and appliances? Does your family call you whenever they need something fixed around the house? If you realize that duct tape isn't the solution to all your problems, you should be working with Blue Ridge Companies as a Maintenance Technician. 


What You'll Do:

  • Respond to service requests.
  • Perform the maintenance needed to turn an apartment timely and efficiently for move-in. 
  • Preventative maintenance and repair of A/C units.
  • Installing and repairing electrical wires, plugs, and switches.
  • Painting and repairing drywall.
  • Preventative maintenance and repair of appliances.
  • Repairing and unclogging sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, and exterior drains.
  • Assist with the purchase of maintenance supplies.
  • Assist in inspecting buildings and grounds to ensure safety and cleanliness, alerting the Maintenance Supervisor to items that are in need of repair.


We're Good At:

  • Providing opportunities for you to obtain your EPA and CPO licenses through engaging educational classes.
  • Rewarding you with up to 25% of your annual salary in bonuses each year. 
  • Benefits: we've got quite a few; 401k, health insurance, life insurance, the list goes on...
  • Providing you with the opportunity to give back to the community through philanthropic initiatives, such as Toys for Tots, food drives and more.


Experience and Skills


You're Good At:

  • Customer service - Managing difficult or emotional customer situations; Responding promptly to customer needs; Responding to requests for service and assistance.
  • Teamwork -  Giving and welcoming feedback; Contributing to building a positive team spirit; Putting success of team above own interests;
  • Dependability -  Keeping commitments; Committing to long hours of work when necessary to reach goals; Completing tasks on time or notifying the appropriate person with an alternate plan.
  • Performing the many tasks that can be done with a pair of slip pliers (not including using the pliers as a hammer).
  • Driving. Yep, Blue Ridge Companies requires you to have a valid driver's license to drive the golf cart.


You Might Also Be Good At:

  • Looking very comfortable while working with electricity.
  • Finding creative solutions for complex technical problems.
  • Installing and repairing HVAC systems.
  • Performing preventative maintenance on HVAC systems.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing various appliance, plumbing, and electrical problems.
  • Maintaining pools and pool areas in accordance with local and state standards as assigned. 

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