As a member of the Wilmington Apartment Association you will have access to a multitude of opportunities including networking, sponsorship/advertising, education, charitable endeavors and much more. You may choose to attend some of our many meetings, events and educational opportunities, and more so that you can network with other members, increase your business or advance in your career. There is always plenty to be gained by becoming an active member and attending WAA events. 

Calendar of Events

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Sponsorships Available

Please contact us to find out about upcoming event sponsorships!

Event Photography

Please note that photographs and video footage are taken at WAA events, and your voice, name, and/or likeness may be used without compensation and used by WAA for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website, and in social media or in third party publications.  Your attendance at a WAA event is an implied permission to be photographed and/or videoed and a waiver of any right to inspect or approve the finished photographs and/or video footage and/or marketing pieces that may be used in conjunction with them, now or in the future, whether that use is known to you or unknown, and any right to payment, royalties, or any other compensation arising from or related to the use of any such photography and/or video footage and/or marketing pieces. If you have a special concern or need for exception, please contact WAA prior to an event.